papimi DELTA

Effective physical cell therapy:

The papimi DELTA sets standards in Ion-Induction-Therapy with its sophisticated and powerful technology. The versatile accessories enable numerous forms of treatment in human and veterinary medicine.

The papimi DELTA stands for:

A wide range of applications for physical cell therapy

Short, painless and athermal forms of therapy

Easy to use when clothed

Plasma chamber for generating special bioresonance pulses

Variable pulse rates and power levels

Over 30 years of service and experience

Quality according to the patented original by Prof DDr P. Pappas

How papimi DELTA works

The electrical energy stored in a capacitor in the device is conducted through a plasma chamber (spark gap) and transferred to the respective treatment applicator. The resulting pulse resembles a damped oscillation having a pulse duration of around 50 μs and a base frequency of around 240 kHz.   By transferring the energy via a plasma chamber, high-frequency oscillation peaks (spikes) in the megahertz to gigahertz range arise in the maxima and minima of the damped oscillation. The repetition rate (pulse rate) can be varied between 1 and 8Hz or frequency modulated. Due to the high voltages of up to 40,000 V and peak currents of several 10,000 A in the treatment applicator, an energy output per pulse of around 60 Ws (joule) with a magnetic induction of 48-110 mT is achieved. The induction field penetrating the body generates weak electrical currents having the same frequency and intensity as the originally generated magnetic pulse.   The non-contact voltage induced in the body influences the energy balance of the cells (mitochondria) and increases the membrane potential. The effect is principally athermal.

The elements of papimi DELTA

Spiral applicator

The spiral applicator is particularly powerful (100mT), since the Ion-Induction is enhanced by the spiral arrangement of the applicator windings. Its use is particularly popular for insensitive regions, such as limbs or body regions that require intensive treatment. The spiral applicator is available in sizes S, M and XL.

Ring applicator

The ring applicator was specially developed for easier application on the neck, limbs, knees and head. The ring shape enables ideal placement of the affected body region in the Ion-Induction field. Another advantage of this applicator results from its overall lower strength (50mT), which is suitable for particularly sensitive users and therefore offers a gentle alternative to the spiral applicator.

Fullbody applicator

Due to the high voltages of up to 40,000V and peak currents of several 1,000A in the fullbody applicator, an energy output of around 60 Ws (joules) with an induction of 110 mT can be achieved. The induction field penetrating the body generates weak electrical currents having the same frequency and intensity as the originally generated pulse. The penetration depth of the effective induction for the whole-body applicator is assumed to be 15 cm on average.

Holding arm

The holding arm enables flexible and comfortable self-application of the spiral applicator in every body position.

Soft pads

On the one hand, the soft pads offer a buffer between the patient and the applicator, which makes the treatment more comfortable, especially for sensitive areas, and on the other hand, you can monitor the progress of the treatment with centimetre precision based on the number of soft pads required.


Further equipment features of papimi DELTA

The 12V detector shows you and your patient how powerful the Ion-Induction field actually is.

The user experience book is a collection of user experience from our specialists over many years. It contains practical treatment protocols and interesting case studies.

The user portfolio contains, among other things, therapy protocols, forms, recording sheets and the user experience book.

Technical specifications

Technische Daten

Power supply: 230 V~, 50 Hz
Power consumption: max. 1,5 kVA,
Output impulses: Impulse complex 48 – 110 mT
Power per impulse complex: high - max. 96 Ws (Joule)
Impulse duration: ~ 50 μs
Base frequency: ~ 240 kHz
Resonance frequency (Biological tissue): 0,2 bis 300 MHz
Treatment applicator: selectable (Ring, Spiral, Whole-body)
Application part (EN 60601): type BF, also HF – type F
Pulse rate settings: 1 to 8 impulses per second
Duration of treatment: 120-888 impulses, or 3-9 min
Ozone concentration: < 120 μg/m3
Safety installation: leakage current monitoring, double insulation, free-of-ground, magnetic isolation, fire insulation
Measurements: H 106 x W 62 x T 56 cm, ~ 100 kg

Quality and safety


The papimi therapy device guarantees the highest level of quality, functionality and safety:


    • Quality assurance system according to EN ISO 13485
    • Complies with RL 93/42 EEC
    • Type test
    • Regular audits and factory inspections by the TÜV
    • Final clearance
    • CE marking 0044

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