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Author: Elisabeth Madden

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Register Here   Listen to Dr. Hartner and other experts talk about mitochondiral medicine and share their experiences with supporing therapy forms. (Attention: Event is held in German!) Description: Regenerative mitochondrial medicine is a comparatively young form of therapy in the field of human medicine, although scientific findings have been...

Register Now Our special recommendation is Prof. Dr. Thomas Rau's webinar on Silent Inflammation and Cell Membante Potentials - Explaining Ion-Induction-Therpy (IIT). (Attention: This event is held in German) Dear colleagues, Silent inflammation as a cause of chronic diseases, unnoticed by the patients, often presents us with diagnostic and...

papimiCON'19 was held in May 2019. It is  a specialist-conference on physical cell therapy and suitable for papimi users and anyone interested in papimi (medical professionals and related professions). Lectures & workshops Reports & experiences Networking & get-together evening Presentation off the new papimi delta series ...

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