Physical medicine

Bones & musculoskeletal system

Effective to the bone.

Meanwhile, the use of Ion-induction-therapy with papimi has become established in the field of physical medicine. The non-invasive IIT is recommended in recognised clinics and practices in its own right as well as in addition to classic and integrative therapy concepts. The areas of application are diverse:

Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system & the spine

Improvement of degenerative joint diseases

Pain treatments

Fracture healing

Breakthrough in therapy resistance

Wound healing

Treatment of muscles & tendons

The effectiveness and the positive influence of particularly strong, pulsed electromagnetic fields on bone fractures and bone marrow oedema has been confirmed by many studies. These studies confirm numerous positive effects such as pain relief and wound healing, the development of new blood vessels and an increase in calcium concentration.


Postoperatively, papimi supports the healing process which leads to positive effects including the healing of implants.

Following images depict a bone marrow oedema in the knee joint before and after papimi therapy. The treatment was successful after just 10 sessions.



© Dr med Wolfgang Hagel

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