papimi is established in the veterinary field.

Ion-Induction-Therapy using papimi is perfect for the veterinary sector: It can be applied or used both with small and anxious patients as well as with large animals. Therapy with papimi is painless, has a high level of acceptance by small and large animals, is easy to use and, thanks to the short duration of the treatment, is very quick and effective. As in Human Medicine, papimi displays its effect by influencing cells and cell walls, as well as metabolic and immune processes. It improves blood circulation and oxygen partial pressure and has the following positive effects in the organism:

papimi acts directly on cells & supports natural healing

It supports the regeneration of the entire organism

Faster and better transport of messenger substances to organs (drugs & herbal active ingredients)

Optimises physical and energetic willingness to perform

Improves the quality of life in older animals

Complements treatments optimally & without contraindications

Significantly reduces chronic & acute pain - without painkillers

papimi in the veterinary field

Horses are particularly sensitive and respond very well to Ion-Induction-Therapy. papimi is also used successfully in a wide range of applications with small animals. A placebo effect can be ruled out. papimi is much appreciated by many veterinarians. More and more veterinarians are integrating IIT into their therapy concepts or using papimi stand-alone in their everyday practice. The goal is to restore the animal back to its natural quality of life through intact cell structure and healthy organs. The treatment takes an average of 10-20 minutes and is carried out in 3 steps:

papimi in the veterinary field

1- The applicator is held close to the affected body region(s) in order to carry out the Ion-Induction. Depending on the animal’s needs, the distances are adjusted and individual applicators are used. 

papimi in the veterinary field

2- Based on the reaction of the animal, the user adjusts the distance and dosage of the Ion-Induction, thus enabling painless therapy and the greatest possible effect.

papimi in the veterinary field

3- As a rule, animals react in a relaxed manner to the noises of the device after they have become accustomed to the device for the first time and associate the sound with a rewarding experience (i.e. treats). It is possible to place the transport cage (plastic) or the cosy-cave directly on the applicator – this applies particularly to very small and anxious patients. 

papimi in the veterinary field

When should papimi be used?

To optimise physical and energetic willingness to perform

Against inflammation & degenerative diseases (tendons, ligaments ...)

Wound treatment (without the formation of granulation tissue and visible scars)

Diagnostics with
meaningful results

Rehabilitation after operations


Pain therapy

Strengthening the immune system, energy balance and reducing stress

Avoiding stress reactions during transport