September 2024
13 September 2024
15 September 2024

8th IGAF Symposium on Autonomic Functional Diagnostics and Regulatory Medicine

Experience the future of autonomic functional diagnostics and therapy at the 8th IGAF Symposium! Discover the transformative potential of papimi IIT on the parasympathetic nervous system and engage with experts at our industrial exhibition stand. Don't miss this cutting-edge event! ...

All Day
Frühlingstraße 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen
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20 September 2024
21 September 2024

Annual Conference of the ÖGPMR 2024 (Austrian Society for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Step into the future of healthcare at ÖGPMR 2024! As we proudly exhibit once again, immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR). Our dedication extends beyond healing, emphasizing the enhancement of life quality and the promotion of independence for those facing movement restrictions or disabilities. ...

All Day
Kurhausstrasse 8 A-4820 Bad Ischl
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December 2024
06 December 2024
07 December 2024

5th International Congress of Integrative Medicine 2024

The 5th Edition of the International Congress of Integrative Medicine is set to grace the charming city of Porto, Portugal. Taking place on December 6th and 7th 2024, this event promises a captivating array of in-person lectures. English shall serve as the official language of the Congress. ...

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