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7th IGAF Symposium on Autonomic Functional Diagnostics and Regulatory Medicine

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The IGAF has set itself the goal of making the analysis of the autonomic nervous system and the associated therapy options known in all medical fields in which the autonomic nervous system plays a role. As studies show, the development of diseases is closely linked to a dysbalance in the autonomic nervous system. This imbalance is typically characterised by a hyperactive, energy-consuming sympathetic system and a hypoactive parasympathetic nervous system.

Read the latest study on the effects of papimi IIT on the parasympathetic nervous system: Modulation of Heart Rate Variability following PAP Ion Magnetic Induction Intervention in Subjects with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study – PMC (nih.gov)

We look forward to seeing you at our exhibition stand! Here you can experience papimi up close and talk to our experts on site.

Special Tip: Don’t miss Prof. Dr. Rau’s lecture on Satrurday, 16.09.2023 at 16:15: The Multimodular Approach to Effective Treatment of “Difficult Diseases” in Biological Medicine. – Case study from practice: Practical concepts for induction therapy (IIT), infusions, HRV”.


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Sep 15 - 17 2023


All Day

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Hotel Frankenland Bad Kissingen
Frühlingstraße 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen


  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Rau
    Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Rau
    Medical Director & Main Initiator of the BioMed Center Sonnenberg

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Rau from Switzerland embarked on a mission to create a new system of medicine after realizing that conventional treatments were not yielding satisfactory results for his patients. He focused on natural therapies like homeopathy and dietary changes, eventually developing his own concept of Swiss Biological Medicine, emphasizing detoxification, nutrition, digestion, and immune system strengthening. Throughout his career, he built several institutes dedicated to Swiss Biological Medicine and taught colleagues and partners in the field through seminars and talks, leading to the founding of BioMedicine International AG to expand and disseminate this knowledge internationally. Prof. Dr. Rau is now recognized as an expert in the field, having authored numerous articles, publications, and books on Biological Medicine.

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