How papimi works

Fields of application

papimi is very versatile.

Physical and rehabilitative medicine

Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system & the spine

Degenerative joint diseases

Pre- and post-operative applications (for example, wound healing, healing of implants)

Pain treatments

Generalised pain syndromes

Urological and nephrological diseases

Sport medicine

Increase in regenerative processes

Treatment of sport-related strains

Ankle and tendon insertion problems, bone marrow oedema, broken bones, torn muscle fibres

Avoiding swelling

Particularly effective form of therapy

Performance enhancement and prevention

Integrative medicine

Support of regulatory processes (for example, vegetative nervous system, metabolism, lymphatic system, digestion)

Cancer therapy

Various chronic diseases

Immunology (for example, autoimmune diseases, wound healing, immune defence)

Veterinary medicine

Applicable to all animals regardless of size

Applications equivalent to humans

Pain therapy

Optimization of the energetic and physical willingness to perform

Wound healing without visible scars and granulation tissue

High acceptance of the therapy

In addition to stand-alone application, papimi is often used in combination with other therapies and in therapy concepts. Other therapies are significantly supported with the help of papimi ion induction.

Effective combinations include: 

Diagnosis and localization

Physical therapy / osteopathy: (massages, acupuncture, vibration)

Regulatory medicine: Infusion, inhalation and heat therapy: (Ozone, molecular H2, IHHT, hyperthermia, vit. C, etc.)

Operations: (pre- and post-operative)

Accompanying sport and rehabilitation

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