Success in integrative medicine

papimi Ion-Induction devices have been used in the field of integrative medicine for over 30 years. Our users confirm significant successes and use them for the treatment of chronic inflammation, as well as in oncology. Patients respond particularly well to papimi therapy as it improves their overall quality of life. Ion Induction optimises the regulatory processes and thereby supports the body’s self-healing powers.

“With papimi, the membrane potential is repolarised, the bioenergetic level is improved and the self-healing processes are activated. Electroporation is promoted, apoptosis is activated and there is a redifferentiation of dividing cells.”

Dr. med. Braun von Gladiß

Effective combinations include:

Diagnosis and localization

Physical therapy / osteopathy: (massages, acupuncture, vibration)

Regulatory medicine: Infusion, inhalation and heat therapy: (Ozone, molecular H2, IHHT, hyperthermia, vit. C, etc.)

Operations: (pre- and post-operative)

Accompanying sport and rehabilitation