How papimi works


Physical cell therapy in 6 minutes

papimi devices are among the most powerful IIT devices in the world.

Our devices are based on the principle of Ion-Induction and rank among the large family of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) devices. The mechanism of action of induced, pulsed electromagnetic oscillations influences the entire organism and also has a targeted influence on a specific indication. The high induction force of the magnetic fields lies in their rapid frequency modulation and in their enormous power. Our devices are subject to a worldwide patent and correspond to the original by Prof. DDr. Pappas.


This form of therapy is painless, non-invasive, contact-free and can be conducted fully clothed. 

papimi enhances your wellbeing.

A study by the Physical Institute Leopoldau shows that 95 % of treatments with papimi lead to an improvement in symptoms. The experts of the Institute for Outpatient Rehabilitation, Pain Reduction and Physiotherapy confirm that significant treatment successes are achieved in a remarkable 74 % of all treatments.

statistics on wellbeing after papimi treatment

Features of Ion-Induction-Therapy (IIT)

Simple application

Fast effect

Can be used integratively and singularly

Supports conventional medical & alternative healing methods

Patient may remain fully clothed

Facilitates a natural drug-free state

Effective form of therapy

papimi has been one of the most powerful PEMF devices in the world for over 30 years. In 1992-1993, papimi was subjected to a comparison at the international pain research centre in Los Angeles (USA). The result: “papimi works up to 1000 times faster and more effectively than other known magnetic field therapy devices”.


In contrast to conventional magnetic field therapy, papimi works with significantly higher voltages and currents (40 kV & 10kA), which enable an extremely high level of induction and penetration depth.

IIT penetrates the tissue.

The papimi pulse holds a power of up to 40kV and 10kA, which is crucial for the deepest possible penetration of the tissue.

tissue penetration depth with papimi

papimi works:

effectively at the cause & eliminates symptoms

reliably & safely, TÜV-approved production and management system

in a worldwide network of specialists

The papimi device has passed all applicable tests for Electrical Safety

and EMC (acc. to EN60601-1 & EN60601-1-2)