Effective physical cell therapy

The papimi DELTA stands for:

Variable pulse rates and power levels

The papimi DELTA stands for:

Over 30 years of service and experience

The papimi DELTA stands for:

Quality according to the patented original by Prof DDr P. Pappas

The papimi DELTA stands for:

A wide range of applications for physical cell therapy

The papimi DELTA stands for:

Short, painless and athermal forms of therapy

The papimi DELTA stands for:

Easy to use when clothed

The papimi DELTA stands for:

Plasma chamber for generating special bioresonance pulses

The device’s stored electrical energy, via a plasma chamber, creates a pulse with 50 μs duration and 240 kHz base frequency, producing high-frequency spikes in the MHz to GHz range.

Pulse rates range from 1-8Hz, adjustable or frequency modulated. High voltages up to 40,000V and currents up to several 10,000A generate an energy output of about 60 Ws (joules) per pulse, with magnetic induction between 48-110 mT. 

This induces weak electrical currents in the body, mirroring the pulse’s frequency and intensity, affecting cellular energy and membrane potential, athermally.

How papimi DELTA works

Technical specifications

Power supply:

230 V~, 50 Hz

Power consumption:

max. 1,5 kVA,

Output impulses:

Impulse complex 48 – 110 mT

Power per impulse complex:

high - max. 96 Ws (Joule)

Impulse duration:

~ 50 μs

Base frequency:

~ 240 kHz

Resonance frequency (Biological tissue):

0,2 bis 300 MHz

Treatment applicator:

selectable (Ring, Spiral, Whole-body)

Application part (EN 60601):

type BF, also HF – type F

Pulse rate settings:

1 to 8 impulses per second

Duration of treatment:

120-888 impulses, or 3-9 min

Ozone concentration:

< 120 μg/m3

Safety installation:

leakage current monitoring, double insulation, free-of-ground, magnetic isolation, fire insulation g, Brandschutzisolierung


H 106 x B 62 x T 56 cm, ~ 100 kg

Quality and safety

Quality assurance system according to EN ISO 13485

Regular audits and factory inspections by the TÜV

Complies with RL 93/42 EEC

Final clearance

Type test

CE marking 0044

The papimi therapy device guarantees the highest level of quality, functionality and safety: