Side effects & contraindications

papimi applications are usually very well tolerated.

Since papimi has a regulating effect on the organism, positive “side effects” are to be expected (pain symptoms, blood count, metabolism …). Nevertheless, side effects can occur in a small proportion of patients. 1.5% of patients complained of dizziness, tiredness, nausea or headache during the first treatment. The success of the therapy is reinforced and these initial reactions are reduced consuming enough water before and after the treatment. There may be a short-term increase in intensity of symptoms in a few patients with this form of physical therapy. The effect of temporary initial pain-increase after physical therapies is known in the field of physical medicine and indicates an acute effect. The initial pain increase is usually reduced after a few days. 


These are the known contraindications for electromagnetic therapies: electronic implants such as cardiac pacemakers or cochlear implants, metallic ring-shaped implants and pregnancy. 


There must be no electronic objects in the immediate vicinity of the applicator. Keep these at least 2m from the applicator. 

We recommend consulting your doctor or therapist before starting papimi application.


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